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Welcome to PARTNERSHIP MAP LITE – application for iPhone and iPod Touch. It helps you better understand yourself, your family and friends or find a perfect partner for relationship or business.
PARTNERSHIP MAP LITE combines the best of numerology and astrology.

Unique presentation and program activity of PARTNERSHIP MAP LITE in seven languages:

☑ English;
☑ Русский;
☑ Español;
☑ Italiano;
☑ Français;
☑ Polski;
☑ Deutsch.

– iPhone program interface is completely adapted to work in any of these 7 system languages. It is possible immediately to switch the displayed information from / to any of the seven above mentioned languages without changing iPhone system language.
– Built-in interactive language help (Language HELP).
– iPad, iPhone 4/4s, iPhone5/5s/5c, iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus support.
– This information has never before been released outside a personal advisory circle of numerologists.

– Possibility to find the best partner compatibility in a large list of people.
– Extended individual partnership evaluation from both numerological and astrological aspect.
– Individual information about the most important in your destiny.
– Comprehensive and convenient information to analyze relationships between people.

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